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The New Wilson Audio SabrinaX Speakers Now on Permanent Demo!



Hi All,
So it is always big news when Wilson Audio launch new speakers, arguably makers of the best speakers in the world, but when it is a new version of the brilliant Sabrina then for me it is even bigger news as the Sabrina is one of my favourite speakers ever.
Now I know that I love big speakers but from a design perspective there is something magical about getting a really big and musical sound from a small speaker and for me this is why the Sabrina is so good and loved by so many which is why I am really excited to say that we now have the new SabrinaX on permanent demo.
I have been listening to these a fair bit lately and I have to say that in reality no one needs more than a Sabrina, it gives you a huge slice of the bigger Wilson's but in a form factor that will fit most peoples living spaces, whenever I set up a Wilson demo I have to stop and listen longer than I normally would as they are so engaging and musical and the new SabrinaX's really does take the Sabrina design to a whole new level.
So what is different? firstly the whole cabinet is made from Wilson's X Material seen in their much higher end models to give a much blacker background, the same tweeter as the Wamm and XVX, the same 8" woofer as the DAW, also the same binding posts and spikes from the XVX + much more, so as you can see Wilson really have gone to town on the SabrinaX to deliver a small speaker with no compromise that sounds so right and really does pull you into the music.
Hope I don't sound too enthusiastic but for me the original Sabrina was one of the best speakers ever designed and the new SabrinaX really does take this design to the next level.
If you'd like to come in for a listen and any point please feel free to book an appointment.
Please find a few pictures of our demo SabrinaX's in the stunning metallic Crimson Red.


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