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The New Wilson Audio Alexx V Speakers Now On Permanent Demo, Truly Stunning!




Hi Everyone,

Well is was certainly a big day last Friday as we became the first UK dealer to take delivery of  the new Wilson Audio Alexx V speakers for demo and and I really can't put into words just how incredible these speakers are.

Firstly the looks, well if you are going to have a Statement speaker then you need a colour that will really stand out, and as Wilson can do any colour out there, I decided to go with my favourite colour and in a tribute to one of my favourite artists, the Purple One himself Prince, so Purple they are, not any Purple though, it is actually a Porsche Car Colour and I couldn't be happier with how they've turned out, colour aside they look totally stunning, you can just see the amount of thought and work that has gone in to the design of these stunning speakers to give the best performance possible, totally gorgeous.

As for the sound, well I am actually going to struggle to put it into words as they just sound totally engaging and captivating, Wilson always give a stunning mid range but the bass on these has so much depth and control that it is very addictive, in a moment of indulgence on Saturday I blasted out my favourite live song, Bruce's Jungleland and I was taken to a place that I have only experienced when in a stadium with Bruce and the E Street band there in front of me playing it live, they really are that good and personally I can't ask more for more than that, the only other time I have experienced this is when I was fortunate to go to Utah to visit Dave Wilson's house to hear the mighty Wamm's, these big Wilsons really have a way of transporting you to somewhere special.

So my plan for our Alexx V's is to have them running permanently during open hours, our so called Highend Room is now going to be a static demo room where we just have the one system playing all the time so if you come in please feel free to indulge in a system that comprises some of the best HiFi in the world, take an hour or so to play some of your favourite tracks and hopefully you will experience the same magic I did, there is no pressure to buy a pair, I just want everyone to experience just how good these Alexx V's are and experience what a truly awesome system can achieve.

So we are busy running them in at the moment, what are we playing to achieve this as fast as possible? well there is only one choice really isn't there, Prince Purple Rain :)

So it goes without saying if you'd like to come in for a listen please feel free to book an appointment or if you come in for a demo for something else please don't be afraid to ask if you can have a listen, saying that you probably won't have much choice 😉

Please find some pics and a link to the Alexx V's on our website and as soon as we can we will have an open day to showcase them -




















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