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REL Acoustics Open Day - July 16th, Experience Why You Need A Subwoofer In You HiFi!




Hi All,

Here we go then, our first Open Day for over 2.5 years, be so good to get things back to normal again as got so many new products to showcase since our last open day in 2019.

So to kick things off again we have a REL Subwoofer Open Day on July 16th, as a lot of you will know I have been banging on for years about how necessary a Subwoofer is in any HiFi, I have yet to hear a system that won’t benefit from adding a REL, for me a Sub is as integral a part to get the best performance from a HiFi as an amplifier and if you haven't tried it you really should.

I must admit through the last 2 years we have seen a real up turn in our Sub sales into 2 Channel systems as have REL, I put that down to the fact that people actually had time to do some research and once they have tried a sub there really is no going back, it is the easiest demo we do as it only take 5 minutes to show the advantage.

As I have said before funnily enough it isn’t always about the bass when you add a REL, it actually changes to whole sound, yes you get more depth and texture at the bottom end but for me the main advantage is that is really helps clean up the mid range and refine the top end too, the thing is that you have the Sub set pretty low to integrate with the speakers so with a bit of time you will get a seamless match between your REL and speakers, it isn’t until you turn your sub off that you notice what you are lacking.

So I believe that any Sub is better than no Sub and even better is a stereo pair, I used to run 1 REL 212 SX at home with my PMC BB5 SE’s but a little while ago I added another and I certainly have no regrets, running a stereo pair isn’t necessarily about adding more bass but loading the room better so it all sounds more balanced, saying that I ran 1 REL for years and was more than happy.

My Subwoofer for HIFi Nirvana moment came when I was lucky enough to go to Dave Wilson’s house in Utah to hear the mighty Wilson Audio Wamm’s and they were running with a Sub on each speaker so there and then I realised that any speaker will benefit from a sub, the beauty of REL is that they cater for all budgets, starting at £449.

Without wanting to go on too much, when you go to a gig it is the bass that really drives the music along, it is the foundation that the music is built on and as good as speakers are a powered Sub really adds to the presentation as it is designed to do one job and it can do things that the speaker just can’t.

Anyway I think I’ve made my point, back to the open day, we will be running 3 rooms showing the different levels or REL subs from entry level to highend, we’ll probably run something like a T/7X upstairs, an S/812 in our first downstair demo room and one of the Reference subs in our Highend room, there may even be something new to talk about, we will have representative here from REL all day so you can discuss what would be right for your system and refreshments will available throughout the day.

Please find a link below to the full REL range on our Website - 


RSVP Please.

If you’d like to come can you just fire me over a quick mail to my below email so we have a rough idea on numbers, thanks -


Can’t wait to get the shop buzzing again full of people.

Many Thanks,








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