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Accuphase Open Day - October 21st, Hear Why They Are One Of Our Most Popular Brands!




Hi all,

Firstly I'd like to say thanks to everyone that came to our DeVore Fidelity Open Day a couple of weeks ago and made it one of our best for a very long time, it is rare that every room gets so much positivity, normally one room stands out above the others but not this time with every room getting loads of love with no negative comments at all, just shows that DeVore certainly seem to be doing something right.

So this is another open day I have been looking forward to for a long time as I do have a bit of a soft spot for Accuphase, when I decided to bring them on a few years ago it was more that I was sold by the looks if I am honest but luckily I soon found out that they sounded as good as they looked and although I didn't know much about Accuphase myself at the time it soon became obvious that they had a great following as I don't think I have ever brought a new brand on that got interest from day one and is now one of our most popular brands so it is going to be great to be able to showcase them on this open day.

For those who don't know much about Accuphase they are basically Japan's Highend Audio Brand founded in 1972, they make a range of products from just under £5000 to systems that can go north of over £100,000 easily, saying that nothing is as well built as an Accuphase product in my view and you actually get really good value for money in this crazy world of HiFi compared to the competition, they also offer Class A and Class A/B amp options and can also offer any finish you like as long as it is Gold, it is actually a really nice and classy shade of Gold, I actually thought this may put people off but it really doesn't.

Systems Running on the Day!

So we are going to be running 3 systems on the day, basically an Accuphase entry level, mid level and as good as it gets level, please find details below -

System 1 - Upstairs!



Accuphase E-280 - this is Accuphase's entry level integrated amplifier

We'll partner this with a Rega Planar 8 turntable, Aurender A200 Streamer and PMC Fact.8 Speakers

System 2 - 1st Downstair Demo Room




Accuphase E-800 / DP-570 - This is their top Class A integrated amplifier partnered with their mid level CD/SACD Player + DAC. (We'll also have the new E-4000 available to use if needed)

We'll partner this with our Melco N1 Server and Fyne Audio F1-8S Speakers to show what a great synergy there is with Accuphase and Fyne Audio (Accuphase actually use Fyne Speakers in their demo room in Japan)

System 3 - Highend Room





Accuphase C-3900 Pre / P-7500 Power / DP-1000 + DC-1000 - This is Accuphases top Preamp, top A/B Stereo amplifier with the flagship CD/SACD Transport and DAC.

We'll partner this system with our Wilson Audio Alexia V Speakers and Aurender N20 Server.

Bring your own music

So there you go , 3 systems that show what Accuphase can offer, Accuphase don't actually make streamers and focus on CD/SACD playback as a source so if you'd like to bring along any music on disk please feel free.


We will have Chris here from Accuphase UK to help run the day and as normal Wendy will be sorting food and drink, who knows it may have a Japanese twist, if you'd like to come along could you just fire a quick mail over to me on the below email address, thanks -


This will be another great fun open day I'm sure so look forward to seeing everyone that can make it.

All the best,




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