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  1. If roof views are now a thing, mine is not as swanky as some -
  2. Outdoors last week for the first time since 2018 -
  3. It's an eighteenth century threshing barn. It has space for five or six cars, the contents of a London flat, assorted junk, and a grumpy Norwegian cat. My brother uses the hayloft as a mancave and he and his geeky friends play Dungeons and Dragons there in the summer months. The Lotus was under that old mattress until two days ago.
  4. The car is now running and rolling, so I will get it an MOT, tidy it up a bit, and then decide whether to sell it as a scruffy runner or to keep it and posh it up
  5. I posted an advert on that site, but it hasn't appeared. It seems surprising for a forum such as this not to have a usable cars for sale facility. There's a Facebook Group ostensibly for selling Eclats, Elites,and Excels, but the software doesn't recognise that the Lotus Eclat exists, so you can't list one there either.
  6. I would post an ad in here but the car sales sub-forum does not allow new posts. The car is advertised here - https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1352575
  7. Or maybe 3500 as a general public starting price, but 3000 for members here.
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