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  1. @BrianK's racing Lotus Elite made it into the the InoKinetic newsletter!
  2. In Magnus's biography, he says his father took him to the Earl's Court Motor Show in 1977, where he saw his first Porsche. The Elite was announced at the Earl's Court Motor Show in 1974, and I assume Lotus had an Elite on display in 1977. Perhaps it brought back memories for Magnus?
  3. Sports Car World in Dallas, Texas, had one in stock.
  4. 1979 Lotus Elite https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3582190438481889/ Hoping it finds a nice home.
  5. Thanks for helping to make this a proper goodbye.
  6. Thanks Richard. I appreciate the reply. I do own the book and it's lovely. I often wonder what happens to many of the sketches the designers put together. I'd be curious where many of the original Type-75 sketches wound up.
  7. Hello, I was interested in original Lotus sketches, including the Europa or and Type-75. Does anyone know where I might purchase any of Oliver Winterbottom's original sketches? Thanks, David
  8. I'm sorry to hear Oliver passed away. His work has always had a big impact on my life and influenced what I thought was attractive. Perhaps, not necessarily aerodynamic, but memorable and emotive. As a designer, he was always the anti-Luigi Colani. When the wedge designs became trendy, he took the trend to the pinnacle of what the wedge could ultimately become, and did so, on a shoe-string budget. I always thought his only rival was Jerry Wiegert, both sharing a similar design philosophy at the time, and both having to get their hands dirty with engineering work, too. They came from an era and a cottage-industry where one couldn't work in a silo or on a computer. With the Tesla Pick-up truck hitting the market with many pre-orders, I felt like many of his original designs with Lotus and TVR became much more relevant in his final years. To me, his work will always be very special and created many hours of emotional searching, shopping, fixing - and selling. For all of those experience, I extend to Oliver a hat-tip.
  9. SJ Sportscars has a list of bolts by "component group" for the Elite S1, provided you're searching in "Front Suspension" and "Rear Suspension" as the top-level drill down. It's possible one bolt is Part Number A075W2061Z. Along with the following for the front suspension: Bolt 1 Bolt 2 And for the rear suspension: Bolt 1 Bolt 2
  10. Hello, I was on the ground, detailing my 2005 Elise, when I looked up and noticed that between the roof and the rear window, - there appears to be a trim piece missing. At the very least, the wires are exposed to the elements, which doesn't quite seem right. Can someone tell me if I'm missing a trim piece and if so, perhaps the name of the trim piece and/or the part number? Thanks, David
  11. Hi Jerry, There were some very well maintained Eclats on bringatrailer that were listed between 10k and 11.5k. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1978-lotus-eclat-sprint/ https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1977-lotus-eclat/ https://bringatrailer.com/2015/08/21/rare-non-basketcase-1979-lotus-eclat-automatic/ I would argue that the Galvanized chassis, 2.2 upgrades, and Riviera trim offset the RHD nature. If you can enumerate how much works and how easy it would be to title/register in another State by engaging with a potential buyer in the comments section of BAT, you might do better than eBay. HTH, David
  12. Bob Rickner in Vermont has NOS inventory, including trim. I believe he bought out someone's NOS inventory for Elites/Eclats and he has about 7-8 cars in sheds. RHRFLYER@hotmail.com 802-310-2172
  13. I have a source if you're still looking. PM for details.
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