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  1. The seats in my car were just unplugged. All the motors come out with the seats and of course you loose the heated seats option. We can do heated elements in the panels but we won't have a plug and play solution for this anytime soon. The only thing noticeable is a few lights on the dashboard which are not that annoying. You can apparently use a resistor in the yellow plug but I have not got around to getting the correct resistors yet. You could easily just fit in the driver's seat in but even in the XL size my 55 kg, 5 ft 3 inch daughter fell asleep for a two hour journey. The seats are not a downgrade in comfort over the stock seats, they are better. The only caveats you would find is you should lower yourself in, not fall in and if you are tall and had to switch drivers to allow a short person to drive.
  2. We can get leather of any colour so it's possible but to get a perfect match might be more expensive. I've not investigated it yet. The seat with those pads will be around £1,500 + VAT although until we have tested the brackets I can give a complete package price including brackets and runners. We should have something sorted soon.
  3. Whilst it’s obviously never going to be as convenient as flipping the seat forward, the space when you slide them forward is plenty big enough to put a suitcase in through the gap in the middle. You actually have more space behind because the seats are so thin.
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