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  1. I'm trying to identify the differences in exhausts between the "normal" S3 NA cars and the very last ones produced with the HC NA engines prior to the introduction of the X180, as I'd like to finally replace my leaky and wonky SJ setup with something from Alunox. I still have the original cast HC manifold in the garage I can check and/or send to Alunox for measuring, but sadly don't have the rest of the original system. Having spent hours looking at the parts diagrams, workshop manuals, many previous posts on here and pictures from various suppliers/websites, it looks like: 1.) the original HC NA manifold was identical in terms of mating to the engine, but the 3 stud mounting flange/connection to the downpipe for some reason was reversed compared to the "normal" NA cars. 2.) The original HC downpipe has a "hot air shroud". I'm not sure what that does or if it connects to anything else, and the current SJ tubular setup fitted to my car doesn't have such a thing, so not sure it's needed...? Having carefully compared the "normal" and HC downpipe images from various suppliers, it looks like other than the expected "hot air shroud" addition and the reversed mounting flange the pipes are the same dimensions and follow exactly the same route? 3.) The mid pipe and rear box are identical between S3 NA and (S3) HC NA cars. So if I'm replacing the entire system from manifold to back box, am I right in thinking a standard S3 NA setup from Alunox would fit fine given I don't need it to mate with any original HC parts of the exhaust system, and there's no chassis changes that mean it will foul on something? Thanks, Paul
  2. Super,thanks Mark! I'll check the parts catalogue in detail, but my understanding is the "normal" (low compression) NA cars had a slightly different manifold, gaskets and downpipe to the very last few NA cars they made which had the high compression NA engine which carried over into the X180. I definitely have the original cast HC manifold in the garage roof that I'd happily send for checking, but sadly don't have any original down pipe or rear box. Regards, Paul
  3. That's amazing, thanks Mark. Do they have a separate listing for the HC NA G-cars, which have a slightly different exhaust manifold to the standard (low compression) NA cars and different downpipes as well? I don't have an original downpipe sadly, but think I have the original HC manifold in the garage roof if they needed that for checking/measuring.
  4. Amazing, many thanks Mark. Mine is a very late model HC NA, so slightly different manifold and exhaust to the more "normal" LC S3 NA cars.
  5. Mark - do you know if they have something suitable for a Giugiaro HC NA, i.e. the last of the normally aspirated G cars running the HC engine that was then fitted to the Stevens cars?
  6. Interestingly I've just had a front spring break too! Would have loved to try and bring my 3 year old for this as it's the closest meet to us, but even if the car is ready again annoyingly we're out in Turkey on Easter holidays 😞
  7. Lovely car - if he's not on here the previous owner is/was definitely on some of the Lotus Esprit Facebook groups, as I've seen it there many times. From the previous descriptions I'd seen sounds like a very well sorted car, I hope you enjoy driving it!
  8. If the car is in Chelmsford try Dave and his team at Rapid Mechanical Services in Romford - they are Esprit experts.
  9. Personally I'd absolutely take it to someone who knows these engines inside out. If you're already looking at Bracknell there's e.g. Max500 in Guildford who has a great rep, and I'm sure a few others.
  10. I aim for E5 (usually Shell VPower), but use E10 + Castrol additive if that's all I can get, and don't notice any difference in running. If I have put in E10, I make sure to run through it all asap! I still think the best solution to avoid problems is very regular usage, the main issues with E10 in my experience are when it's left sitting for weeks.
  11. Sorry to hear this Stanley - the curse of having too many cars and not being able to drive them all?! The wrong side of London for you, but if Sparky can't fit you in I'm very happy with the service from Rapid Mechanical Services in Romford, who do the yearly service/MOT on my Esprit and are a Lotus specialist. Or if the car's in Teddington, the likes of Max500 and others in the Guildford/Woking area who have a very good reputation? Hopefully an easy/quick fix and you're back on the road soon.
  12. A friend has sent me pics of that one before under it's cover - a dark green S3 NA with gold pin stripes.
  13. Would love to and had just secured permission from my wife, but then realised that sadly the London Marathon means I can't actually get my cars out of our road on Sunday due to all the closures around Blackheath/Greenwich. Will hopefully be able to make the next one!
  14. Great work on the veneer, but I was admiring the vintage Clifford AutoImmobiliser - I have the same in my Esprit, and wish people still sold some extra keys for it!
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