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  1. Depends on the model, year and emissions
  2. @TomE do you know if there will be a swap service, or drive-in / drive-out offered by your contact/dealer? I would like to get this done to mine and am ordering the car with a plain leather steering wheel on the assumption that it will be recovered in alcantara with coloured stitching.
  3. Can you expand on this at all? I'm currently going yellow with red interior but I keep thinking about changing to Alcantara with yellow stitch
  4. Out of interest, how would people feel if the marketing department had chosen to call these options "Road" and "Track"? Would removing the perceived negative connotation of the arguably emotive "Touring" and "Sport" mean that people were more happy to choose the option that matched their usage?
  5. Thanks for the welcome. I keep changing my mind on things the longer I play with the configurator, unlike some cars there doesn't seem to be a bad option!
  6. Hi, Just registered after dropping a deposit on an Emira. First Lotus aand I'm looking forward to speccing it, although it will be a V6 as I want a manual.
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