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  1. They only contacted me today because they saw a post where I'd complained about the lack of communication and tagged Matt Windle in it!
  2. Just had the update call. Mine was originally a June delivery that I'd been informed in April would be a July car. Advised today it will be a September build for October delivery. He did say they were struggling to get updates from Lotus (clearly haven't had access to the information that had been available at Goodwood). He also said that delivery period included both manual and automatic cars so there didn't appear to be the significant delays to autos that we've seen rumoured. He suggested opting for factory collection may cause delays as it has been a very popular choice and they are limited to how many handovers they can do each day. If you want your car as soon as possible he advised dealer/home delivery. He expected test drives to be available to allow customers with the earliest deliveries to have a test drive before taking delivery.
  3. Thanks. Seems a great idea, particularly over sumner months. And I love an excuse for a drive out. Pretty sure I've plenty of time to meet you all before I'm.chased for final payment on the Emira with the way things are slipping!!
  4. Looking forward to meeting you all as a soon to be first time Lotus owner. Sadly can't make early evening meets due to work so will have to give this one a miss.
  5. Don't disagree. But then when you think the R8 launched in 2007 (?) I think it looks amazingly well. Timeless design and a stunning car to drive.
  6. Hi all. Suspect this may be too early to be answered, but has anyone sat in the Emira and can you provide any comment on pedal offset? I owned an R8 previously and due to the short front the wheel arch intrudes in to the footwell, pushing the pedals in towards the centre of the car. That causes the driver to be slightly more twisted and caused my right knee quite a bit of discomfort on long drives. Given the Emira has a similar design I wonder if it (or rather I!) will have the same issue?
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