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  1. Can I ask - is it typical for those who placed deposits late July to receive an expected delivery date of March-ish? I've been open minded about the delays/poor comms until now and given the benefit of the doubt, but this week I received two emails (both with my first name obviously spelt incorrectly) one promising production March the other promising June. On calling customer care June for July delivery is in fact correct. They admit a mistake for many customers receiving two emails. On order (about 8 weeks later than @New Emira I might add) I had been told to expect an October 2022 delivery (when the first cars were meant to be March/April 2022) so a 6 month lag on first deliveries, this seems to have turned into a 9 month lag on the first customer cars being delivered.... Customer care as with everyone else is signalling no specific info from the factory and at one point said "Lotus is not telling us anything" which is bizarre as customer care is meant to be part of the same company, are they outsourcing it now? One hand does not know what the other is doing which at this stage is ridiculous.
  2. Thanks - please tell me it looks a bit more like the swatch MJON posted - that’s how I remember it! Would be a shame to switch my order to black…. Alternatively Verdant + red calipers + red leather might be a bit much!
  3. Anyone else thinking that the tan leather looks very, very orange on the vids and also the pics? Described as butterscotch... I'm sure they've changed the colour on the configurator from what was published last year (when I locked in my spec!)
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