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  1. Hi Guys, Not all panels are 3D scanned, its a mixture of techniques really. The other style we often use which we didn't show as it's not that interesting is to cover the panel in PPF, then draw round where we want the pattern, then digitize this shape, and then we have a rough pattern to work from and develop. As well as this we also have access to Xpel's own patterns, so depending on several factors, we may start with One of these and then develop that to our liking.
  2. Hi Everyone, Just thought I would pop on here and quickly introduce myself, I'm Duncan and amongst other businesses, I'm from Autoshine and Tinting in Telford, UK. I've seen there has been some mention on here about us in recent weeks as we were lucky to get the UK's first customer Emira in with us for PPF and other things. Firstly, I'm not here to sell anything, we are lucky that we've been going a long time so constantly have work bursting through our doors, but what I do aim to be here for is genuine advice on all things that some might consider me being an expert in so you can be informed on facts and not what your mate heard someone say down the pub 🙂 I've been in the game of Window Tinting, PPF and Vinyl Wrap for more years than I like to admit and also have a fantastic team of guys working alongside me, so any questions, feel free to get in touch and I'll be happy to help even if you live half way around the world from me. I'm also going to be putting together some PPF packages with forum only prices with them, for any forum members who are already booked in with us, if these prices are lower than we've already quoted you we will of course invoice you the lower cost if you mention the forum. We also have a new video up showing the installation of the PPF to the Emira, this went live last night. We spent a long time on this car making sure our computer patterns are as good as we can get them from the start. Link to this is below for any one who hasn't seen it yet. Look forward to chatting to you all. Duncan
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