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  1. Many thanks; that's great advice and I will follow up on this for sure. While this particular car is in need of complete restoration it has an uninterrupted ownership history so is well worth the effort; just a shame that some of the parts have been misplaced or are so far gone that we have to look for replacements. The shell went through some preparation to work out the extent of the corrosion and the doors were probably taken off at that point so maybe that's where the hinges went... We are now at the point of replacing floor boot and debating rear quarter panels so making sure the doors are lined up on their hinges is pretty crucial! Thanks for your prompt reply which is really appreciated.
  2. Hi! We are in the process of restoring a Lotus Sunbeam for the original owner and are struggling for some basic parts. In particular we need to find some door and tailgate hinges; somehow these were lost from the car when a previous restoration attempt was started and we need them to ensure that the door shuts are correct before carrying on with other shell work. Does anyone happen to know of a source for parts like this please? There will be plenty of other bits we will need and finding a reliable source for these would make life much easier! Advice would be much appreciated. Thanks for listening!
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