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Random Limp Mode

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Greetings all,

I have a 2012 Evora (NA IPS).

It is now randomly going into limp mode and the only dash light that comes on is the traction control light (see pic) . No check engine light or anything else just the lower traction control light. 

Here is the story... Haven't drove the car for a couple weeks. I don't use a battery tender because I am in a public garage and can't. Car started right up as usual. I drive about a mile to get to the gas station and notice the traction control light on. I figure it could be a random gremlin that I have heard pops up when you let the battery get a little too low. So I fill it up with fresh gas and start the car and the light is gone. About 20 minutes later on the freeway it randomly comes back on again and I am in Limp Mode. No other lights asside from the traction control light. 


I limp back home for 20 minutes, restart the car and it goes away. I take it back out and drive the piss out of it for an hour.... No problems.... Then out of nowhere it happens again. This time I was going up a  steep hill and I had to  use the paddle shifters to down shift to get enough power to get up the hill. Once at the top I pull over turn the car off and restart it. Problem goes away and I drive an hour to get homes with no faults and no noticable performance issues. 


I attached a pic of the light. Any ideas?



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Yeah I have one. Just didn't have it on me when the car started acting up and when I grabbed it and drove the  car around some more it didn't happen.

When it happens again I'll pull over and plug it in to see what it says and update this post.

But for now I am hoping someone has seen this before and knows where I should start looking. 

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Do you also get kicked out of sport mode and your cruise control becomes disabled? If so, could be your brake switch is out of adjustment or is going bad.  If you have those symptoms (TC light, no Sport Mode, no Cruise Control) , you might get it back in order by pulling the brake switch plunger out one notch.


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The 3 times this happened today the car was not in sport mode. But once the TC light comes on and I go into limp mode I am able to use the paddle shifters but the car will NOT go into sport mode. I didn't try cruise control. 

Should I run the car in sport mode while trying to get it to happen again and see if it kicks me out of it when the TC light comes on?

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An out of adjustment or bad brake switch can throw TC light, kick you out of Sport Mode and also knock off cruise. Although, I don't remember off the top of my head if it also caused a limp mode??
I would try driving in Sport Mode, and see if you get the TC light. If TC light pops up, see if it kicked you out of Sport Mode. Then you can also try to activate cruise. If you have all three issues, my bet is the brake switch which you might get it back in order by pulling the brake switch plunger out one notch.
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Agree with other poster. I had this problem exactly the same. Replaced the brake switch and solved.

It's an easy fix and doesn't require any mechanical experience or tools, just a bit of body contortion to get into the drivers footwell!

Switch is a generic part and costs only a few £ - don't pay the Lotus tax. Just search on here and you should be able to find thread with all the details and part you need to buy.

Good luck :)

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Is the cruise control offline too?
Check the connector to the E-throttle in the engine bay.
It can be common that vibration make this connector disconnect slightly and the result is limp mode.
Just use a cable tie at the right place to secure the cables because the cable routing is not ideal here.
It happened to me cruising on a bumpy motorway several times and found the cable routing was pulling at the connector when the airfilter housing is and engine is shaking.  

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I finally got the time to test this further. The traction control light came on intermittently and knocked me out of sport mode and put me into limp mode. This would never happen when I was coasting or had my foot on the accelerator... Only when I would brake. And it would happen randomly. So taking your guy's advice, I had the local lotus dealer replace the brake switch when I brought it in for an oil change and that resolved the issue. Took it out for a 2 hour drive today and drove the piss out of it and no more limp mode 😊

Thanks again for the advice. Much appreciated.

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