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Removing interior A post trim

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I thought this would be easy but I'm struggling to remove the interior A post trim (to hide a wire for a mic for my new stereo). I'm using trim removal tools and applying considerable force and the A post trim is just flexing rather than popping out. I don't want to "gorilla" it in case it gets damaged. 

Would be grateful for any advice from someone who has done this before. 

Many thanks!

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3 minutes ago, Bravo73 said:

Rather than removing the entire trim piece, can you lift enough of the edge in order to hide the cable?

I used this technique when fitting a dash cam to another vehicle recently. 

Thanks the reply Jonny. That does work for hiding the cable at the top of the panel but there's no way to get the cable tucked away at the bottom where it meets the dash without removing all of it. 

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Ah, understood. 

This is what the Service Notes has to say about it:


1. Remove the door sill trim panel (see VE.3).
2. Release the three screws securing the bottom edge to the chassis side rail, and the single screw at the outboard top corner to the scuttle beam.
3. Pull the panel from the 'grip-lok' strips on the footwell side wall.


The door sill trim panel is secured to the chassis side rail by two 'fir tree' buttons located at the rear lower edge. Prise out the buttons, and lift the rear of the panel to release the 'grip-lok' strips. Unhook the front end tongues from the lower 'A' post trim panel.
If necessary, remove the harness protection cover from the rear of the sill by prising out the 'fir tree' but- tons on the lower edge, and pulling the panel from its double sided tape.


PS There is no need to quote the post directly above your reply. Da Boss doesn’t like it. ;)



Edited to add: actually, I imagine that those panels referred to above are too low down. Try this instead:


Each windscreen pillar trim panel is retained by a single 'fir tree' button at its lower end, and by 3 captive 'fir trees' along its length.

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