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Alarm help crossed terminals

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OK, my fault, I got distracted and crossed neg and pos wires when installing a new battery. The car has power, but will not start. The alarm will work, but I think I need to re set the alarm. I remember a sequence with unlocking and turning the keys, I looked in my black electrical book and could not find it. Any help would be appreciated. 

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Oh dear !  

Not sure on the new models of the esprit,  but on moderns cars a rather large  i.e massive blade fuse is fitted on the positive termial wire,  its normally in a large black plastic case,  if you pop it open you will see a strip of metal that will be burnt through.  

Otherwise i would start to test your normal fuses in the car as i would presume the voltage spike will of killed these also,  but check the posative lead first for that large intergral fuse type assembly .

Fingers crossed no damage to the ECU/ECM 

Good luck and hope it ends up an easy fix 


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