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US YouTube Evora Salvage Rebuild


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Very interesting to see the car being taken apart. I noticed they did not use the jacking points on the rear of the car when it was on the lift though. 

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10 hours ago, au-yt said:

Thansk for posting it will be interesting to watch and why it was salvaged.

Also what is it with black wheels...

I Agree, I don’t mind black chrome, or graphite, but black I’m not a fan of. Wife’s mini wheels are black, but only because they match the roof, mirrors and stripes and they are a pain in the bum as always dirty. 

And what it it with the ‘mericans who think it’s a good idea to lift cars with forklifts?

Blessed with the competence to be a slave to the incapable.

Currently without a Lotus, Evora 400 Hethel Edition in Racing Green with Red leather and 2010 Evora N/A in Laser Blue and 1983 Lotus Excel LC Narrow body in Ice Blue all sadly gone.

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Glad it worked out out so well for them,  nice to see you can still get dream cars with some hard work and spannering :)   I was a little concerened with the leather colouring to begin with as it looked grey in colour,  but when it got hit with  the dryer it all came good lol. 


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