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Hi folks. New member of the forum, long time fan of the Esprit and finally got my hands on a late V8 in Black / Magnolia. Might be a car known to you or maybe not pic starched.

It arrives next week and is in need of a service in the coming months. 

I’m in Oxfordshire / any recommendations on who to take it to?


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Thanks for the replies. I picked the car up yesterday and drove a long distance in it for the first time yesterday.

Figured I’d post a few first impressions..

Really enjoyed the drive, straight away the car is easy to place on the road, the torque from the engine makes it a breeze on A roads and motorway miles slip by easily. The steering is really communicative without being frenetic. It just seems to hoover up the distance. The balance through the roundabouts on a fast dual carriageway like the A43 for example :) is fantastic and really inspires confidence.

I’m noticing a bit of judder in the rear brakes, I’m hoping that’s down to them having bring unused for some time as the car has been sat around a lot so maybe some vigorous stopping on a day when the roads aren’t so greasy will sort them out if not maybe it’s a new set, we’ll see.

everything works (surprisingly even the air con) but the aftermarket stereo is a bit naff and seems connected only to the dash mounted speakers not the door speakers so at some point I’ll need to sort that.

the gearbox really is something that takes a while to learn, reverse in particular flummoxed me initially but I seem to have it sussed out now. I’m noticing there are options around upgrades here but they seem fairly expensive so I think a service is in order before I start contemplating messing around with anything fundamental. Has anyone done the GT One upgrade recently? Is it worth it?

The Seats look great, but I’m tall so found myself slouching to get the best driving position which made things uncomfortable after a while. I’ll need to check out if the seat is in the lowest possible position (understand some people fitted spacers to raise them and it’s suggested that this might have been done on this car) and if not drop it down as far as I can. Failing that I’ll be falling the ‘roll up my jacket and stuff it behind me’ technique I perfected in the Morgan’s I once owned...

the drivers side electric mirror is a bit err lazy. The pxgr side works just fine so might be the motor.

also noticing that the tyres are not worn but relatively old. Will search here for options that people recommend..

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