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Brake Judder after being stood

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Hi guys -

So due to weather and work and just generally being busy, I’ve had to leave my car stood for about 4 weeks. 

When I came to move it a couple of weeks ago the brakes were stuck on and it took abit of time to free them up (handbrake was off).  I took it for a drive and did some heavy braking, loads of judder initially  and loads rust has come off and they look fine from what I can see. 

After been out today I’ve noticed there is still a slight judder when I’m barking heavily. 

Any ideas? It might go away but I want to make sure I don’t wreck the discs if I keep going. 

Or is there anything else I should be doing other than just continuing to drive it (I’ve already done about 50/60 miles)?

Thanks in advance! 


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I would be inclined to pull the pads out of each caliper and give the pads a light sand. I have read that the pads put a layer of material onto the disc when braking. If you have had a lot of rust, then the pads may have picked up a layer of rust and have not coated the disc evenly.

The next time you use the brakes. Good area, bad area, good area. If you get what I mean.

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I was literally thinking about this for mine, mine was sat for 2 weeks and locked solid. 

Got em free eventually but was worried I'd damaged the pads. Only really noticed it at motorway speeds and smooth roads.

I'll get B&C to check em when the splitter is being fitted on the 2nd.

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I'd try a bedding-in cycle before doing anything else.

Take car to 60-70mph

Brake at about 90% of full ability - you want to be braking HARD but avoiding triggering the ABS. Slow to walking pace - dont come to a full stop.

Repeat 6x8 times in quick succession - until brakes are whiffy n toasty. 

This is often enough to remove judder caused by a spell of non-use.

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Thanks guys - I’ll try all of that! If the bedding in cycle doesn’t work I’ll take them off and will have a look. 

Mines going into the dealer in about 3 weeks, so if that doesn’t work I’ll ask them to take a look. 

You’ll have to let me know what B&C say @RoflOnMyWaffle if you don’t sort yours before... 👍



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First of all, I have never tracked a car, but I have bedded brakes before - not sure if manufacturers did when new and also replaced pads on other cars but jesus christ, its like hitting a wall in the exige!  The brakes on this are mega! You can feel the exact moment before ABS wants to save you.

Anyways - did the same route before and after to try and keep it fair - it definitely helped. Much smoother, cant feel it judder any more varying speeds. Got them to the point where I could smell them and left it at that. I think 6 stops?

I pulled over on my way home to check they had cooled enough, do this!

I could touch the hubs but damn they were hot so did another 15 minute lap of 40-70 driving which had literally 2 braking points, got home, discs are cold. She can rest now - I need it to - feel sick as hell hahaha and my wheels are disgusting, only cleaned them yesterday! 

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Great thanks for the info! 

Ill try mine again this week, I did sort of do some of that but not as aggressively. The first time around my wheels were covered in rust so I’d like to think I’ll get abit more off!

Ill reply back with the results as well I’m case anyone else has the same issue... but yes they know how to stop! 😂. You should give a track day a try... I loved it!


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Washed my Exige S2 and due to being called out to work pushed it back in the gaurage 

Big mistake 2 weeks later brakes propoerly stuck on and disks all rusty  I to leave it in gear no handbrake and had to give it some propper welly to get it out the gaurage.

Brake judder at all speeds so got up to 70 or so and had a few quick stops but never stop completely and leave the hot pads against a hot disk and after about 60 miles all good again.

To be honest with today's brakes its very hard to worp a disc even on track its usually always pad stuck to the disk and its not like you can see it either only needs a minute ammount to cause judder 

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i always take my car for a short drive after cleaning just to dry the discs and pads before parking in the garage.  this almost always prevents the rusty disc / brake sticking issue.

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