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Newbie after advice


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Hi all,

Well I’ve been looking for a convertible for a little while now after missing my old S2000. After chatting on Pistonheads everyone there pointed me in the direction of a Elise.

I won’t be Looking to use it as a daily I have a Leon FR for that. Looking to spending about 15k so probs an S2, any know faults?


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With a £15K budget you are looking at a K series car so there's always the possibility of head gasket failure - although most will have been replaced/sorted by now it's till something to be aware of. You've got to remember that these cars are now at least 14 years old so have a good look underneath at the state of the wishbones and the pick-up points on the chassis, particularly at the front. Some corrosion on the wishbones is ok but they can suffer quite badly if the car has been used regularly on salty roads. 

If I were you I would probably look at buying from a respected independent trader such as Will Blackman or Jon Seal. Another thought for you is to look at a VX220, a decent turbo is within your budget and is a fantastic car. Jon Seal also sells these cars so again he would be worth talking to.

Good luck :thumbup:

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The Elise is quite easy and cheap to maintain. If the engine didn't have a HGF, it probably won't have one later. Gearboxes are rock solid. Suspension bushes squeek, when worn. You can change them over a weekend. Look out for rust in the very few steel items and signs of repairs. Wheel bearing is a wear part. Brakes last very long due the low weight.

The suspension GEO is very important on a car like the Elise. Make sure it's correct. Look at tire wear.

Well maintained, the Elise will last forever.

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