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Glass roof group buy?

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Not sure if the Stevens cars all have the same roof.  But I would really like to get one.  2nd hand are like hens teeth and stupid money.  Was wondering 

a. If it’s possible to find the original manufacturer.

b. Do a possible group buy to get the cost somewhere sensible.

does anyone know who made them for lotus?

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As well as remanufacturing the glass there would have to be sufficient extra fittings (handles and tongues etc) as there are quite a few bits and bobs involved in those and all out of production too. SJ Sportscars have it all but exactly how many full sets only they could say.

Therehas been suggestions in the past of getting them done in tinted polycarbonate  (makralon or some similar modern hard wearing stuff) which could also wear a clear film to protect from wash scratching etc. This seems a good idea as using polycarb the thicknesses at the edges and hinge points could then be moulded thicker to re-use the existing fittings from the old solid roof.

A lot of work for someone to emgineer a small run, which could end up costing as much as the 2nd hand glass ones?

In the garage no-one can hear you scream 

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I would probably first chase up the route for who made them for lotus,  A long time ago but some factories still tend to keep stuff knocking about imo, you could end up getting a good result if you find the supplier and they stlill have the hardware. 

I would think this would be a strong group buy as folks know how rare they are, as for fixings, i would think they would eaasily sourced as i feel that lotus would of not made them especially for the esprit maybe :)

Good Luck


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