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Rear aero ducts on GT410/430 and stone chips.

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These particular ducts:-


After only 2000 miles, I've realised just how much road grit the rear tyres throw rearwards, peppering the inside of the duct with small chips. They do actually have protection film on the inside but I've had to replace it already as it was beginning to shred and look a bit of a mess, so I've devised a solution to the problem which I hope will prove to work. Having removed the rear wheels, I noticed I could remove the lower plastic wing lining around the carbon fibre duct and, interestingly, you can see from this pic just how much that too is getting battered. The 3 clear lines around 10mm wide you can just about make out on the plastic corresponds to the tread grooves on the tyres, so obviously those particular portions aren't being peppered, where the rest of it is and is actually worse than it looks on that pic.


So, I decided to get a sheet of fine stainless mesh from eBay, cut it to the shape of the innermost part of the duct and glue it over with Sikaflex around the outside. The 4 sides were folded up and the corners cut out so I didn't have to try and shape it over the corners of the duct, which would have been nigh on impossible anyhow. I spray painted the mesh black so it blends in once fitted and isn't too noticeable.

So, the finished result which, I think, looks pretty inconspicuous and, importantly, after doing a further 350 miles in the last week, is keeping all the road crap away from the inside of the ducts and, hence, stopping all further deterioration of the film and paint around the outer perimeter. 



Being stainless steel, I'm hoping the mesh will prove durable in the long term, but we shall see. I just need to trim a bit of the excess Sikaflex from the top left corner of the last pic, which accidentally smeared over the edge but that won't take long and hoping it will cure a problem whilst still allowing air through the duct as designed for. I know this is only a problem on the current GT410 Sport and the 430s, but thought I'd post in case any other owners find their car getting peppered and damaged in the same way - and are just as anal as me! :lol:

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As great as those ducts look on the GT410/430 from the outset they were always going to result in severe gravel rash of the inner surfaces. I reckon you've done a top job there, if I had a GT410 I'd being doing the same for sure :thumbup:

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Lol, so glad I have a 410 sport lol...   That's a great little fix @Spinney and I am sure others will follow suit as it's subtle...

I came into this world screaming and covered in someone elses blood. I'll probably leave it in the same way. 

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