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On 19/05/2021 at 08:01, Straker said:

From fleabay for £100. It’s got a 40mm core which is twice the depth of the stock MGTF one.

This is a new aftermarket item?

There's also a specific elite model on the flea for 195, I imagine that would fit directly so save some time there. I imagine the cost difference is mostly about production numbers, although maybe there is a quality difference at almost twice the price? I think I'll go with the elite specific one🤔

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Spoke too soon - the rubber is also off of my pedal at the moment - in storage somewhere!  I'll be using drive-by-wire as well, but I'm using a motorsport style sensor.  If you're drive-by-wire which engine are you using - still the 907/912?


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The picture of your pedal box has caused me to change tack on my installation!  I was going to use the bottom hinged pedal that came with my Lexus V8 motor, but will now do something similar to what you have done - install the sensor on the pedal box - much easier and neater - thanks for posting that!

My Excel accelerator pedal has no rubber on it at all, so I am of no help there either...



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