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Elise S3 lifting and jacking

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Hi New to the forum and looking to have a quick way of jacking up the car. I saw the video below and would like opinions (specifically) on the lifting bar used in it for the rear of the car. Is it good practice or a No No?



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I've seen an Exige V6 lifted off the ground just using 2 jacks (plus 1 person counter-balancing the engine - wheel swap) so I'd think the solution with the rears on the blocks would be ok.  I'd be worried at how well the rear bar used to lift the rears balances as it doesn't look very wide - but if it's in the correct places (I have no idea about the rear points) it should be ok.

Also, I think the wooden blocks are no necessary if you buy yourself a low-profile jack.

PS: I'm no expert! I jack my car a side at a time.

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Thanks @TonyKL  I will take the necessary common sense approach. I have two low -profile jacks to deal with my other 'critter' but the Lotus has me a little  spooked!  With the lack of information and as you say the possibility of the rear end tipping, hence the question.  At least it weighs so little!



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Thanks @TJS10 So if I can locate the bolts that attach directly to the x section member, directing the force through the fasteners should work. I will look further at the link and decide whether it makes sense, Engineering wise  

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