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AiM MX2E Elise/Exige specific dash

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So as @Arun_D said above, "you would revert to the old mileage if you retro-fitted the original clocks" ?
Perhaps Lotus can re-flash the original clocks to the new mileage in case of retro-fitting...

Or perhaps it's also recorded into the ECU, as @550superfast asked above.
And the original clocks rely on the ECU value...

Perhaps AiM will give you this info at order time ;)

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From my experience with getting a replacement ECU on my S2, mileage is stored solely in the cluster. WIth a new ECU fitted, the correct mileage was displayed without any 'updating' on the new ECU.

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Hi Dave,

So it shouldn't be that complicated ... and the time it takes isn't too much.

Have you by chance found other attentions or particularities in the assembly that must be done ?

Special settings ?

Thanks Cheers


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Many thanks !

You're right about the binnacle, at first look the shinny aspect looks like a low-budget thing IMO.
Would have preferred the OEM mate finish (perhaps it can simply be painted to look like an OEM piece, I don't really know...).
Another option for AIM would be to propose various binnacles, among them the mate and carbon OEM versions.

Can't wait to see it mounted :)

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On 06/12/2019 at 17:21, cuprapw said:

is it valid for the IPS model?

It should be.


But I see a "first" complicated step. Before to remove the cowling trim you have to remove the upper and lower column cowl trim, and for that you need to remove the steering wheel and the airbag... seems to be specific to IPS cars.😔😓











I don't know if someone on the forum with an IPS car can share his experience about this process ???? 🙄


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to avoid any damage to the SC shrouds and dash leather I had to remove the steering wheel on my IPS version when changing to a CarPlay unit in my SSC double din install.

It’s real easy though:-
- disconnect battery, wait 10 mins

- undo the two cap screw holding the airbag module, pull it out and disconnect wiring ( keep it away from your face just in case 🙂)

- undo 4 cap heads holding wheel to hub and wheel is off.

The questions for me with the dash are

- will it show gears and warnings for IPS Version ? Beeps etc

- can the standard cowl be used (maybe need modification, that’s ok) and relocate the buttons ? ( say to the steering column shroud lower ) pI wouldn’t want to lose the OEM dash look of the “dimples” surround and leather cowl top


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MX2E or Solo DL should use the same backend system to manage the ECU car.

Quite sure that the MX2E display is configurable through the RaceStudio software.

So if you can, like on the solo, map the gear display to the PreCalcgear Mathchannel it will work. On the Solo it works perfectly.  Same thing for the rev lights, should be configurable through Racestudio.

Feedback from Imran should help us soon 😆

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