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AiM MX2E Elise/Exige specific dash

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This is what I am thinking to try first.... https://www.wickedcoatings.co.uk/car-dashboard-parts-coated-in-carbon-fibre-hydrographic-film-painted-black/ but with a matte finish. 

But speaking with an expert tonight ;) 


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7 hours ago, mark248am said:

A carbon wrap could also be an option (probably easier as well) and could potentially blend into the interior better. The 430 Cup already uses a matt carbon binnacle so wouldn't be too out of place.



True ... I agree with you ... much better ... it could be a good solution: however I would say before waiting for the good job (I'm sure) of @alias23.


NB: Mark you saw my MP to you ?

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On 20/12/2019 at 06:31, EldonZ said:

Any idea if they are going to make this available for the 2008-2011 Exige ECU? I have a Garw dash now but it is having some small issues.

Don't waste your time helping this guy......LOL....😀

Love you Eldon.    😝

2008 2-Eleven
2015 Exige V6 CupR
Track videos ... http://www.youtube.com/jackcup
2010 Lotus Challenge Series ULTRA Class champion
2012 Lotus CUP USA OPEN Class champion

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17 hours ago, C8RKH said:

Really! You're not paying 1700 for the bloody binnacle but for the display, electronics, the R&D etc... Maybe they'll create a carbon one and then relieve your of 2,000 for the kit.

I'd best get some miles in and running impressions on mine, so we can focus the attention back onto the actual dash. Seems wherever the discussion is, it's regarding the sodding binnacle!

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For future ref what is the reference number for the Alcantara? When I got my Evora done we (Allon White) used Alcantara 9002 for the Evora, the Exige looks much lighter.


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At the moment the extra sensors do not display, they only log. Firmware upgrade due next year to address this.


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Installed my one a few days ago.  Need to learn the gears.

All working okay, but did get some mixed up graphics a few times on start-up. After a decent run this seems to have sorted it self, will have to wait and see if it happens again.

Agree digital layout better than analogue, but guess this will just be a personal choice.

The housing moulding is okay and fits reasonable well, it looks okay in the car but a carbon fibre wrap or alcantara would help finish it off.

Will be speaking to a car wrap guy in the New Year and see if a carbon wrap is possible. if I get it done will post some pictures.


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On 15/12/2019 at 23:28, Seriouslylotus said:

The MX2E is 'taught' the gear ratio's during its set up calibration (RPM Vs in gear speed)

The dash doesnt know if its Manual or auto (ad doesnt care ) Just need the two signals (RPM and MPH)

Can you set out the correct step-by-step method for ‘teaching’ the gear ratio’s. Tried a couple of times but cannot get it to work.

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On 22/12/2019 at 22:24, Martrack said:

Can't you set max scale to 7000 RPM, so remove 8000 / 9000 RPM points, so that you better use all screen width ?

Was thinking the same. This unit is on my radar, but seems to lack a lot of customisation.

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