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AiM MX2E Elise/Exige specific dash

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Hi Nano

Anything is possible!  When I have time I'll have a play in Photoshop.

If anyone has a high resolution image of the 430 Cup logo please let me know or point me to the location.

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Two more examples.

Yes I know its not the right image of the Exige 430 Cup but its the nearest I could find to my car that I could use that looked good.




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That looks better than Rhianna's!

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God doesn't want me, and the Devil isn't finished with me yet.


The small print.

My comments and observations are my own, invariably "tongue in cheek", and definitely, sarcastic in nature. Therefore, do not take my advice, suggestions, observations or posts seriously or personally and remember if you do, do anything, that I may have suggested, then you have done this based solely on your own decision to do so and therefore you acknowledge responsibility and accountability (I know, in this modern world these are the hardest things for you to accept) for your actions and indemnify me of any influence, responsibility, accountability, or liability, in what you have done. In other words, you did it, so suffer the consequences on your own!

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Based on AIM reseller feedback from AIM factory :

"we have discovered a bug in the electronic boards of that device so we have been forced to stop the production until the problem will be solved. We hope to restart the production as soon as possible , but unfortunately not before the end of January / beginning of February."

Personally I didn't received mine and I know others customers in Switzerland in the same situation.

Does someone can confirm ?

I am curious about this "bug".


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I'm on my second unit brought direct from AIM in the UK.  First one had an issue with the graphics, the second one has a problem with the clock and date not saving after setting and rebooting on starting the car.  AIM will be replacing when the next batch is available, which I've been told will be first couple of weeks in February.  I do not know what the bug is. AIM have been very helpful.

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If the display is kaput it will either not display at all or it will always be faulty, in every mode, in every color. The display is built up in pixels. If there's a h/w problem with the display those specific pixels will be faulty all time.

You didn't post the behavior of the  display in the other mode or color so I can't be sure, but first impression points at a s/w bug.

The bars are flickering exactly in the graph and don't seem to be affecting the edge of the graph. Having broken pixels exactly at that location is highly unlikely.

These sort of things usually happen when there's some sort of process which is taking too much time or when there's unexpected input coming from somewhere which consumes overhead.


I assume you reported this to AIM?

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I have seen this error twice, so it is an intermittent fault, but that is enough to cause concern that something is wrong. The other screens are mostly ok, but I have seen letters flickering when in the PREFERENCES screen and WIFI setting screen.

I was just asking your opinion, I was not suggesting the display was kaput.

AIM have been notified, they have suggested carrying out a firmware update when it is released, and if the problem persists they will replace the unit.

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AIM are pretty helpful. If there's something wrong, they will do anything to make it right.

Is there anything else you've connected to the unit? (any expansions etc). Is the GPS working correctly? (ie could the connector be loose on the display or the antenna side)


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