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Clutch master cylinder leaking.

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My car is '92 Lotus Esprit SE turbo.  I have some leak in clutch master cylinder.  I was wondering where is the leak and how can I do something about it.  Do I need to replace it all or just the repair kit to replace the piston inside?  Actually, the clutch still works fine.  But I need to replace the break fluid once in a few months. 



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I bought  Wilwood PN# 260-6579 (eBay or Wilwood site)    MC, because it has anodized bore = does not corrode.

Changing MC is PITA, you have to loosen up brakes MC brackets to remove the clutch MC.



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You can rebuild, but it takes some time and careful work, as does getting the MC out and in again. If the bore has scoring, the rebuild might not last too long. So the easiest way would definitely be to buy a new one, fit and forget for many years.

I have made many mistakes in my life. Buying a multiple Lotus is not one of them.


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