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Komotec "435" tune a smashing success

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glad you are happy with this kit im currently considering an evora 400 purchase and have started looking at mods as in base form I don’t feel it’s any quicker than my exige S and man maths dictates a new car must always be faster 😃

do you have any “before” curves please? As with any dyno chart it doesn’t mean a great deal on its own. 


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19 hours ago, NC25T said:

Also like to see before/after chart, impossible to know the actual gains without a before and after run





The full details of my process,  before and after pulls and the rest  are reported (across 15 pages) on lotustalk.  Follow the link above in my OP for the "before" dyno information but I will tell you briefly about that now.


I'd  intended to do both before and after runs on the same day on the same dyno. Unfortunately, the dyno available that day  was a two wheel roller type that doesn't allow the car to get to 7000 RPM or  make full power.  My thought at the time was at least I'd get the AFRs, so we went ahead.   But you do need a four wheel dyno to get reliable results from an Evora since it will cut power if the front wheels are not turning.  It doesn't matter how you treat the nannies, it needs all four wheels to spin.  Moving along!  On that dyno, that day, my car made 306HP and 292 ft. lbs at the wheels.  But it wasn't  an accurate representation of how the car will perform on the road under load.  Then to make it more annoying, the tune KT sent me had some problems and wouldn't load so even accepting the disadvantages of that particular dyno, we were unable to load the file and see the delta the tune would yield under those circumstances. 

When I got the corrected file from KT, I decided to load it and obtain the final ("after") results when I finally located a four wheel dyno. I was most interested in the AFRs but I would get a decent  idea of what the car was now doing  although without comparable data from a prior tune on the same dyno.   To get the real changes and their deltas,  I will need to un-flash, make runs, then re-flash, and make more  runs.  That will have to wait for another time.  But please do follow my link for more details and a further explanation.   Also available there are  the results others have obtained, including before/after runs.  My results match well with others that have been reported so you should get additional useful data there.  Bottom line: expect 40 plus ft lbs of torque and about 50 HP in calculated gains at the flywheel.  This is not an unusual result.  Very similar  returns have been previously reported on Lotustalk by other owners. 

'17 Evora 400 MT 


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I was an early adopter of the K-T 435 reflash on my Evora 400 and it picked up about 30hp at the wheels.  Lew is right - these reflashes are excellent and worth every penny.  The car is a lot more rowdy at full throttle but it still very easy and normal to drive other times.  Plus, blipping the throttle when heel and toe downshifting results in a crisper rise in the revs.  Zero downside other than the cost of the flash.      

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