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sunroof release question

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s3 my85,  I have never removed the sunroof,  can anybody tell me how to?   I can move the pin 2-3 mm sideways and I presume there is a locking mechanism? but because there is no movement in the "blue" part I am not sure.


thanks, rick


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From memory: the pin moves away from the bending pivot which releases the pivot and you lift it up. I can check in the morning. Once you have done both you pull the sunroof towards the back of the car.

Please don't break it!

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Lift the sunroof into the first of it's two positions (i.e. the lowest position) as this relieves the pressure on the pin (bottom of your right hand arrow).

Then, yes, slide the blue highlighted plastic part to the left per your red arrow - but I'd say 2 or 3cm not mm. This will release the pin. Now do the same to the other latch. If the blue part doesn't move easily you can use a screwdriver to help to some leverage into it - it can need help to move especially if it's not been moved in a while.

Get out of the car and (ideally first time with somebody on the other side of the car too) with the doors open, raise the back of the sunroof (the side with the handles attached) from underneath i.e horizontal to somewhere close to 60 degrees. At this point you should be able to unhook the curved lips on the front leading edge of the sunroof from the top of the windscreen and lift it clear of the car. It is quite heavy and you don't want to break it.

Once out you should have a bag in the rear boot to put it into and then it fits into the boot at the back. Fit the wind deflector into the holes at the top of the windscreen to ease wind noise.

Putting it back is the reverse.      

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thank you guys, new attempt tomorrow.   I bought the car in 2011 in London, from a chap that owned it 1 year, I used it for a few weeks as too many things were wrong (brakes and steering) and my banks 62 needed al my time,  a year later on a trip for work in the UK I met another former owner, he told me he had a nice surprice for me so when I showed up at his house he had the original sunroof bag and original wind deflctor.  boy was I happy.   

btw I am thinking of making an grp mould from the sunroof so I can make an grp panel incase I break the glass (just to be safe) 


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