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How to remove washer module from headlight

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I  have removed the headlight to refurb the lacquer and would like to remove the jet wash module to make rubbing down the headlight surface easier. I have removed the to large hex self tapper screws and the module is loose so I guess it should just pull out, but I'm reluctant to pull too hard incase it breaks!  Any tips please?

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There's nothing specific in the service notes about this, but the covers and units appear to be separate parts, so maybe they need to be separated first?

I haven't done this myself, just guessing....



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I've don't it and it's a pain. You've got to release the caps from the spray heads and the only way I found was to get the heads to extend , stop them from retracting then gently pry the tabs on the back of the covers off the heads. The springs in them are bloody strong so it's a right pain.


Best of luck !!

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@cdco is correct. The triangular cap has to be pried from the sprayer head, and then the 2 bolts underneath removed. 

I had removed one a few years ago. This is what the sprayer head looks like without the cap. The 2 nubs on either side are what holds the cap on. 


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Thanks all for the info but I think I'll leave them attached to the light and work round them as I dont want to risk breaking anything!  I've got all the lacquer off one light with 800 and 1000 wet grit paper and then will go down through the grades to 5000 and then polish. It's time consuming, but not difficult and ok in lockdown!

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