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Fixed price servicing - belt change @ 4 years included?

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My Evora 400 is coming up to its 4th birthday!

Under the new Lotus dealer fixed price servicing deal, the 4 year / 36000 mile service is available for £950.


As that is quite a bit more money than the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year services, I'm assuming that it includes an auxiliary belt change? Didn't Lotus change their recommendation to have the belt replaced every so often, rather than just inspected?

I'm asking because I had a new belt fitted less than a year ago, as the old one snapped when the aircon pump seized, so won't be needing that part of the service. Hopefully they can apply a discount for not having to do the work.




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Just tell the what you need and they will revise the price. I am out of sync with my GTE service schedule due to an early gearbox failure, so obviously the gearbox oil change is now at a different interval. Can be a bit annoying to remember and arrange this, but there’s no point paying twice.

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My car just had a level three just done. I was told spark Plus are in the 4 year service ( well mine were due, due mileage) however I was told plugs 4 years was now required!, all fluids including brake ( 2 year) and all filters.

As for the aux belt is part of the 4 year service. (Toyota, belts are on condition)

I am sure there are some anomalies in this, yes plugs are half life compared to the life in a NA car, but 4 years? and they are LOTUS only.



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