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Exige S2 RGB - buying advice


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Hi all, long time forum reader but my first post here. Hoping to finally become a Lotus owner after being a life-long fan. Have read as much through the forum as possible before posting but need a little buying advice.

I've found a car nearby that ticks a lot of boxes, but have a few concerns around it's history that I'd welcome an experienced opinion on. The car I'm looking at is a 2010/11 Exige S2 RGB, 19k miles. 3 owners since new, current owner has only owned it for a few thousand miles/2 years. Car has regular service history, looks to be in excellent condition (will see it in person later this week). It's toppy on price atm, but most things are here in Switzerland! It's my dream car, but I don't want that to blind me into making a bad purchase. My questions:

  • In the documentation the car is listed as a Cup 260, whilst having the same engine I thought the RGB was a seperate model from the Cup 260? Is this of concern? It has the aluminum signed Roger Becker plate.
  • Car was modified by a Lotus garage, attached are photos and list of mods that were made. Should I be concerned by this? Owner spent about £7k on it. I'm out of my depth on this, is it a problem or a good upgrade? And what differences will it have made to the performance/drive?
  • Any specific watch outs and things I must check before proceeding? Have read and will read more buyers guides, but anything specific I need to know?
  • Long term value - if it's not driven excessively, I'm right in saying it shouldn't depreciate too much? Please help me get this acquisition signed off by the wife..!

Appreciate the help!



WhatsApp Image 2021-02-22 at 16.52.43.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-22 at 16.52.10.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-22 at 16.53.02.jpeg


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Looks a good car. Neat tidy and well looked after. Suspension is clean and not rusty, clearly not driven on salty roads in its life

Which documentation do you mean refers to the car being a cup instead of an RGB?

Differences of the cup260 over the RGB: carbon bootlid, rear clam section, roof, access panels, wing, splitter, front vanes. Carbon interior:dash, sills, side vents. Rear window delete. Lightened subframe. Ohlins 2 way dampers. Accusump. A frame, extinguisher etc. Different wheels etc.  Cars were also built by motorsport dept rather production.

The car you’ve shown is a  RGB, correct wheels etc and normal boot lid, rear window etc so it is an RGB

Yours may be called a cup as it was easier to register being the same engine. Others also claim they are the same car, but apart from engine and the rear sheer panel they have quite a few key differences. I would assume because it’s a factory 260 it was just easier to call it a cup260 for CH registration.

Mods looks good, suspension taken to cup260 spec and baffled sump which is good on these cars especially if tracked.

Moving to nitron bearings good in my opinion, I run them it’s a bit more road noise but nice feel 

The rest seems fine, but it looks like it has Riverie seats, I’m sure they are fine but try to get originals too

 Battery also looks to be lithium

Check for crash damage like an other Exige, especially on suspension pick up points. Otherwise they are pretty solid cars. Check aircon and other electrics, and make sure it’s been regularly serviced and oil changed. Also check the supercharger belt has been changed.

Bodywork should be good, check for cracks that need repair and stonechips due to car being low.

Value wise, nothing is for certain but values should be solid. In the uk prices are rising. Demand is high here, and I get enquiries regularly if I would sell so the seem in demand

It looks a good car and looked after, so hopefully all should check out.

Shout if you need more help


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Many thanks @MrP_, really helpful advice. You're right, called a Cup 260 for CH registration.

Going to take a look on Friday, hopefully no surprises! Have also lined up a local Lotus garage to do a full inspection before purchase.

The car hasn't been serviced in almost 2 years, although only driven 3,000km in that time. I'm right to insist the seller completes a service before sale?

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I personally would. Of if you have a trusted garage get the total taken off purchase.

With mine I wanted to be sure of what I knew what I was dealing with so on purchase changed oil, coolant, gearbox oil, brake fluid and belts/plugs/filters to be sure that it was all done just in case

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