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Lotus Plaque

Ahmad B

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Hello everyone,

I have Lotus Evora 400 model 2016 and It is amazing car to be honest. However, I noticed that other lotus cars has this unique plaque signature badge about who built it but my car doesn't...

Anyone knows why my car doesn't? It is limited thing or you need to order it or get rewarded?

Also can anyone tell me how big is this plaque? like dimension wise please? 


Thanks all!


Instagram Page: @lotus_q8_group 


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2016 Evora 400 don't have the plaque. It was introduced later, perhaps on 410s but others will know.

It is in my view a tad naff, as one man did not build said car. I don't mind the 'handbuilt' aspect but personally I would use Mr Chapman's signature on all Lotus if we are going that route of plaques.



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Hello Ahmad. Welcome to TLF. 👋

I can’t remember which year that the plaques were introduced but it was later than 2016. The then CEO, Jean-Marc Gales (aka JMG), introduced them for marketing purposes. But like @jephas said, they are bit of con. The cars are built by multiple people and the plaques are chosen at random (ie grabbed out of a parts bin!)


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