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EML on and error code P0137 - bank 1 sensor 2 - Engine & Ancilliaries/Gearbox - TLF - Totally Lotus Jump to content


EML on and error code P0137 - bank 1 sensor 2

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Following my earlier post I bought an Autolink Autel OBD reader and have found that the error code is P0137 with description O2 sensor circuit low voltage, bank 1 sensor 2.

Has anybody had this and fixed it, and where is this sensor actually located and is it accessible to check / replace? Does anyone have a part number, or is it Lotus only.

Thanks - car is running perfectly and I cleared the code yesterday and the light didnt come on after another test drive so it may have sorted itself out.


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Mine used to do that after being left for a while, albeit an S2 Exige. I used to fill the car up with fresh fuel, V Power, and it never came back until again being left over the winter. It was never a problem once the car was used regularly.

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Yup. It can be one of those codes that comes and goes according to use.....I was unlucky and had it almost every drive. 

Replaced both O2 sensors...fairly straightforward.

Part numbers for the Bosch part on the 2013 S model.....

Lambda Sensor 0258006127 Bosch Oxygen MHK100840 MHK100840L A117E6007F 0258986615

Maybe that helps....

Clear and do some driving first!

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