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Esprit JPS?


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Quite pricey for the amount of work required but I haven't seen a JPS one for restoration for some time.

Left hand drive, Stromberg carbs, sun roof cut in it, engine totally stripped and missing parts......well worth £15,000 .... Hmmm not sure🤔

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Don't want to be negative but LHD federal spec???.  It clearly needs a lot of work but after all the cost and time it's still LHD and in a low car that's got to make overtaking a bit tricky.

The price of these is getting scary. I am sure if it wasn't too bad a condition and has everything there it might be a reasonable price.  Engine part bills add up real fast in my limited experience.  If it is an American import from a dry state the chassis might be in good nick.  I'm sure i've seen worse for more money on the ebay. If you bought it it would probably be worth twice that in a few years the way things seem to be going.

Always wanted an esprit, if I only had some space. 

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I've already got enough spares in my bedroom to half build an elise, cause the garage is already full of essential spares (crap to most people but it's amazing what you can find a use for if you try). I heard someone on telly say they are not a hoarder just a collector.  😆  

By the way got a close look at Emersons Lotus 72 on Sunday, literally starred at it for 1/2 hr whilst chatting to the chap that brought it down (what a piece of art).  Didn't realise it has front drive shafts (obvious really cause of the inboard brakes).  Unfortunately didn't have the camera.


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