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Alcantara vs leather interior

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Can't be too long until V6 FE buyers need to firm up on a spec so I've been pondering whether to go for alcantara or leather. I plan to keep the car a long time so a key factor for me is durability and ease of keeping it looking good. Leather seems seems to vary hugely in durability depending on quality. I know some Evoras suffered premature wear on leather seat bolsters, on the other hand the leather in my BMW F31 still looks good after 60k miles. I have never had a car with alcantara so I'd welcome some opinions on how it compares.

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I was planning to go with alcantara with contrast stitching on the seats as the flat leather just looks a little bland to my eye. I have part leather part alcantara seats in my Exige and they look perfect but they do only have ~11k miles on them. Going to go for the leather steering wheel as I prefer the feel, and it can be neglected for a bit longer and still look good. I've seen some truly horrendous examples of neglecting an alcantara steering wheel, as can it become matted from soaking up oils and moisture from your hands. But equally it can look excellent if kept nice and clean, so that decision really comes down to preference and how likely you are to bother looking after it :)

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