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Union Jack engine cover

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Did I dream this or was there an official Union Jack engine cover design?

If so, is this still available or are there any other decent painted versions out there?

Saw a guy’s 430 Cup today and that painted cover looked so nice.

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Lotus hasn't been a British owned company for a long time but that's not what this thread is about. 

Jim, I don't recall there being an official Union Jack engine cover but I'd imagine it'd be a very simple job for a car vinyl company to map something really nicely onto the cover and I can't imagine it would cost much. There are plenty of these kind of firms around now, or a PPF company would probably be able to help too.

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I would have thought a Hydro-Dip would be the preferred method in this instance.

Making Your Engine Look Awesome Step by Step - YouTube

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The key is to use a good quality material for the wrap. It will cost a bit more, but will cope with the heat no problem. A mate of mine use to do wrapping as part of his advertising company. He did the union jack on the roof of my Excel, very happy with that!

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This is driving me mad, have tried Googling for the past hour but then it may not search forums or past cars that have sold.


Now I’m massively convinced I wasn’t dreaming it, I’m sure it was on an S3 engine I.e. the big square cover rather than the S2 cam covers, the photo was in a dealership forecourt and I’m sure it was painted and not a wrap. It looked much classier than this Vauxhall job, though not a bad effort if that’s been done at home tbf!


If I can’t find it, I might just go down the route of painting it yellow to match my callipers.


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