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Evora 400 - ULEZ


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Morning everyone,

I just saw the advert on TV about the expansion of the low emissions zone in London, and put my Evora 400's reg into the checker to see what happens....

TFL don't show my car as being ULEZ compliant, so as far as they are concerned I would be liable. Looking at my V5C, it's not got a Euro emissions rating on it, just a CO2 value - but searching suggests that a 400 should be Euro6 compliant. 

You can register with them to get the details updated: 

Documents you need for proof

All vehicles:

  • A copy of the vehicle's V5C or non-UK equivalent


To prove your vehicle meets the ULEZ standards:

  • A letter from the vehicle manufacturer's homologation department stating the vehicle's Euro standard or a conformity certificate


Has anyone gone through this before to get a certificate of homologation from Lotus?



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I found the details for the 400 on the Gov Vehicle Certification Agency:


Which lists Euro6 compliance. I've taken a pic of my V5C and a PDF of the website and submitted it to TFL, we will see if they accept it as proof!

Wish me luck!

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My 430 says its compliant, even my old MG ZR and V6 ZS are ok.

Know that the M100 is not compliant - until it gets to be 40 years old.

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Guidance found - says that

All electric cars are ULEZ exempt, along with all petrol cars which meet Euro 4 emissions standards and Euro 6 diesel models.

All petrol models built after 2005 will be Euro 4 compliant, whereas diesel models built from 2015 onwards will be Euro 6 compliant.

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S1 Elise is also compliant but TFL database is wrong. I appealed and 340R is now exempt. Year 2000. NOx is below the required minimum and I had the EU certificate of conformity to prove it.





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6 hours ago, Geoffers said:

No, and I cannot see any section on the V5C where it would state it.

Thanks - newer V5Cs have a section for Euro Compliance, but not sure when it was added..

I'm hoping it's just a database error and it's easy enough to get them to update their records :)

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You order via your Lotus main dealer. £180 or thereabouts.

All Evora are ULEZ compliant. NOx rating is the key figure, which should be on V5 from memory.


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If they're not responding to your initial submission, a CoC from Lotus isn't going to speed them up. Do they have phone numbers or is this just a sit there and wait web form only?

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It looks like it's a sit and wait web form for queries over the incorrect database, with some phone numbers for contesting charges..

I was looking to see if the CoC was readily available as that's what they ask for to correct the database - a scan of your V5C and a copy of the CoC. I provided them with the V5C and a copy of the gov certification site above for the 400 with a hope that this would be enough... 

If the CoC was 'free' then I would have re-submitted with a copy of that as well. If it's £180 then I shall wait a bit then probably call them up and start pestering...

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