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What a difference - original dampers


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As soon as I say they no longer exist someone lists an original on ebay! But it's a single rear damper and I don't think they are as critical as the front's. Interesting to see that they have a long bump rubber but not shaped like on the fronts. (I never kept my original rears). Here's the photo from ebay showing the rear bump rubber.

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interesting thanks..my originak shocks are shot....  car wallows and generally now feels unsafe at speed.. your posyt is given me some woryy about getting new shocks... althioujgh they cantg be as bad as the  originaks i have still have fitted 

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I wouldn't worry too much, non of the aftermarket dampers I've tried over the years have been bad, it's just that the original design are so much better!

If you are still on the original 50 year old dampers I would imagine that any new damper must be an improvement! 

I must admit I nearly didn't buy the set off ebay despite them never having been used, I thought given their probable age they were highly likely to be useless. How wrong could I be.

If yours are still the original dampers you could possibly reuse the bump rubbers on the new dampers if the new ones have a removable top which some have. The bump rubbers on my very original dampers are harder than the newer ones due to age, but not by a massive amount.


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