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new 155HR15 on the way. 165VR13 on the shelf.

Dougal Cawley

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For some time now we have had the 145HR13 Pirelli Cinturato CA67 which is the best tyre for an early Elan.

we recently received a 165VR13 Cinturato CN36. great news news for Elan +2 owners


Epic performance. The only thing available that has come close to this tyre in recent years has been the Michelin XAS and the Dunlop SP Sport. They have been the only really suitable for these cars untill the Cuinturato came out which is currently over £70 cheaper than the Dunlop and over £ 100 cheaper than the Michelin XAS

Is there another good tyre i have missed?


the hot gossip is that in the next couple of months i hope to receive my first deliveries of the new batch of 155HR13 Pirelli Cinturato CA67. All being well i will be able to keep the prices as good as the rest of the range of Elan tyres, however it is a very different world to when i managed to get the rest of the range on their way, Pandemics and European wars just make stuff expensive and difficult to get done.

I know it isnt an Elan, but it is a picture of my old Elite Road car fitted with CA67. ( ishall be racing my Red Elite on Saturday at Silverstone.)


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