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I am a student studying a degree in 3D animation at Bournemouth. As part of my project I would like to model the chassis of a Lotus Esprit.

Would anyone have or know where I can get any detailed dimensions and plan drawings of the chassis? or if you were working on the chassis of your car near to Bournemouth could I come and see it?

Many Thanks

Mark Walker

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Guest Troy Halliday

I'm not sure where you would get dimensions of the chassis I will ask the factory for you and see what I can get. Not promising anything but you never know.

What program are you using?

I did a model of the chassis some time ago here is a quick pic.


This was done in 3DS Max

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I am using 3DS Max too.

I plan to rig the chassis so that the suspension will work and then compare my rig to plug-ins for Max that will simulate the effect.

I plan to put the wheels and also the engine in and then show an animation of it driving around.

Your model looks excellent

What information did you use to make it?

Thanks very much for your help

Kind Regards


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Guest Troy Halliday

I never got a chance to finnish this all of I intended to model the whole car interior exterior engine and all.

this is about as far as I got but it is very accurate.




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