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Does ABS work in reverse...?

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Just wondering, as the other day I had to jump on the brakes while going backwards, and the wheels locked up big time...

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This interesting inquiry was posted way back in September, and has generated only (not counting this one) two responses.


Surely by now there's been adequate time to perform an empirical test, some "in the field work" if you will.

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I doubt the speed sensors are directional. They probably just measure the frequency of the pulses from the teeth on the wheel. I go with the too low a speed theory.

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We travel forwards significantly more than we travel backwards.... I hope :blink: So the primary objective of your ABS system is to stop you spinning in emergancy braking. It does this by engaging DRP (Dynamic Rear Proportioning). That basicaly means it cuts brake fluid supply from the rear at what ever level it had attained in the moment a mathamitcal calculation in the ABS ECU said it should (based on wheel speed, Yaw and G). This way stopping rear lock ups and staying in a straight line is relatively easy. It also means ABS is not required to pulse directly on the rear brakes.

When your flying backwards the wheels that need most braking (forward facing) are doing least work because of the DRP and the steered wheels are now chacing behind but can't do much because the ABS is stopping them locking and you from spinning around again.

Theres alot to be said for automated safety systems but then again without deap pockets you have accept limits. Since a backwards travelling car is a minority sport so is the brake system from Lotus to counter it.

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ABS does work in reverse ! It can be tested on snow really good. But you need to be as fast as in forward direction to activate the system... .

One sensor per wheel can not see in which direction the wheel is spinning. For that you would need two sensors , within an specified angle. And a program/logic module that can see the differences (on the time-scale) for one specified pulse-marking coming from the first to the second sensor.

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