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Project HSCC eclat

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Thanks - the red car was an utter shed. It serves as a cautionary tale to anyone viewing a project that there is more to these cars than just their frames - dont be seduced by an utter heap that can drag itself around under its own power on a galvanised chassis.


There is plenty more ways they can drive you insane!

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same as what my plan for the red car was - HSCC 70's roadsports.


It has an engine and suspension that will do for now, but I've been collecting the go faster spares I need.


So far I have:



Block, Sump, Liners, ported head, high lift cams, oil cooler, tubular manifold, free flow exhaust. Need to buy: high compression 2L Pistons, rods and additional crank. HTD verniers and pulleys, HTD Belt.


Adjustable height/damping shocks, set of 15 inch Superlites, tubular trailing arms (maybe) Tar-Ox racepads. need to buy: race shoes


Steering wheel boss.need to buy: Seats/Harnesses, front bib, paint, plexiglass, rollcage, extingusher, electrical cut outs.

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I'd describe the colour as coral, or mother of pearl.

Think it's a Nissan colour, definitely not one from the lotus colour chart. I actually quite like the colour, but it has microblistered. I still intend on doing a gaudy race colour scheme

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I've been reviewing the new car and having a stock take to see what's missing.

Handbrake mechanism appears to be off the car - heater unit seems to be missing, mater cylinder missing, but I have a few spare Saab ones in the shed.

The doors are off the car, but inside it and the freshly sprayed carcasses enclose brand new door beams and recurred frames. Glass is missing, but I have spares, and will probably use Perspex.

Anyway- onto the go faster bits:

Manifold looks good:post-9379-0-86866400-1442142189.jpg

Head ports measure at 27mm with some play dough pushed in and checked with the verniers:


Measured the lift and the markings and gave them to lotus it's and they have identified the cams as 107's. Valve sizes appear to be standard:


But it's seen a good bowel port and a lot of smoothing/polishing:


Should have the makings of something fun.

Plan is to get the car running and mot'd on the standard engine, then shake it down whilst building the race engine on a stand.

Rods and high comp pistons are the expensive but if the jigsaw that's still missing.

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