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Eclat 521


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check out the steering wheel central crash pad in brown velour. I have never seen one like that before.


unusual colour also - at first glance this seemed to be a bit steep for a no MOT eclat, but looking again it is tested until 2014 - I originally thought it had just run out of MOT last month. Wheels look in good condition, and with the exception of the mouse or rat that has chewed the rear seat pad and side trim, the interior actually looks pretty good for one of these with minimal fading.


It says "excellent chassis" but I think iId want more info on the definition of "excellent" - does this mean replaced - galvanised - or original and sound?

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Wow, that looks great! The crash pad could have been trimmed with the seats and door panels (look a bit re-done?)


There was an orange Eclat on Ebay about a year ago in "as-found-outside" condition, I wonder if this is that one cleaned up and running?


Must be a very rare colour, even if many were made I would think they would have been sprayed over for something more subdued later on.


I wouldn't normally go for an S1 but that is ticking many boxes....

In the garage no-one can hear you scream 

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Hi duncan,


mine old White elite S1 also has a steering wheel with cloth on it,

the same as this eclat, only it cracks in the middle because there is only air behind it,

here a picture, its special but not so nice it think,





i have also soon a eclat RHD for sale, and its a good runner!! i think i will sell it back to england,

because the eclat's are getting rare, and this is still a very good one with good paint work!

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loving the interior tocus!!


it is the same as my very first eclat (a 1977 yellow 521). But my steering wheel crash pad was brown rubber.


so many memories from that photo!


sob... why did it have to die???   :-(


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No idea of the back story, but that's the hole it was dug from, must be about a year ago? I just saved the pics from the Ebay advert as I'd never seen an orange 4 seater wedge before.


Look like someone slapped some old Ford mirrors on (one chrome one black!) amongst other things to make it more sale-able

In the garage no-one can hear you scream 

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Ah .. I love this interior. I've just added my Elite to the projects blog ... no interior shots yet though but mine's the same. Although mine needs work. Are these fabrics still available? I thought mine had been bleached from brown to a kind of green by the sun but looking at this interior too .. Is it kind of a brown / green? Al.

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