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Megasquirt DIY PNP


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Hi Everyone


After having the exhaust on the GT3 completely re-done (will put up a thread about that later) I've been thinking about engine management.


I know that some well respected chips are available for the standard ECU but my issues are:


1. Although they may be mapped with modifications in mind, it's still not bespoke.

2. They cost more than a standalone Megasquirt ECU (minus dyno time) which is more tuneable and has a raft of extra features.


Is anyone able to say whether the below would work in place of our ECU's?




It says on another part of the website that it is designed to replace the 1227808 ECU and fit the standard harness. Is this the one in our cars?


It can drive two banks of injectors so should be able to support the primaries and secondaries in the Lotus.


Has anyone create an MS base map for a GT3?





EDIT: Looks like I'm mistaken. It seems our cars have a Delco 01228708 and not a Delphi 1227808. Both of which were in GM cars.


Does anyone know of a plug and play ECU for the Esprit like the MS PNP?

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That's very interesting thanks! I'll be reading that in detail.


I've also heard from DIYautotune.com. Apparently they are finishing up a DIYPNP for the Corvette ZR1 which uses the same connectors as the Lotus, so there may be a full standalone option there too.




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