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Distributor Removal/Refitting


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Can I whip the dizzy out and replace without messing with the timing? Assuming I make a mark between the dizzy and the clamp and refit so they line up, will that do the trick?



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Isn't it just a matter of unbolting the clamp from the block while it's still clamped to the distributor? :-)


John W

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The hole securing the bracket to the aux housing is slotted so you would still need to mark it when removing with the clamp attached, 


I think leaving the clamp attached to the engine might be easier in terms of bolt access and being able to mark accurately.

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Yes, dead easy to remove but as others have said, make a very careful mark because any change in the rotational orientation will affect the timing. Then just loosen the clamp bolt- easy to access in between the carbs.


Little bit of winkle-ing to get the dissy out.


On refit, remember that it is sprung so you have to push it firmly in before tightening the clamp once more.

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