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Wiper box support brackets - Help please - Interior/Exterior/Lights/Glass/Alarms/ICE/HVAC - TLF - Totally Lotus Jump to content


Wiper box support brackets - Help please

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Hi Guys,


I can't seem to find my old wiper box wheel brackets (photo thanks to Antonio).




Would anyone know where I can get replacement and if not maybe measurements to make up a few?



Vin Taylor

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Hi Vin,


Coincidentally, I stripped my wiper out this weekend. The two brackets you need are :


1/4" thick mild steel

Short leg : 35mm

Long leg : 50mm

3/16" hole drilled 1/4" in from each end.

Bent at an angle of 53 degrees (I love iPhone apps!)






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Oh, and for those interested, the wiper wheel box (B076M0309F) carries a Lucas part number on it of 72933, which is also known as AAU6865 and is common to the Triumph TR7/8. 


I know this because I had to grind off the retaining nut to get it out and its in pretty bad shape so a new one was required. Courtesy of eBay..




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I know there should be a large spacer between the box and the fibreglass (mine was missing, but it's visible in your first pic) and a smaller rubber spacer on the top. I believe also some kind of bezel too. Mine were missing so no pic I'm afraid. The best reference I can find is the S3 parts manual which is far more detailed than the S1/2 manuals. Copy on the S1/2/3 Yahoo forum in the 'files' section if you are a member there too.

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