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S1 rear wheel hub welded stud.

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With my S1 fully dissembled. I am attempting to sort out a few PO issues.

One of which is a welded stud in one of the rear hubs.

Looks like it was done a fair while ago and the only reason could be that it was spinning.

I am aware that the heat of welding can be an issue with hardened steel and ideally I'd like to knock out the studs prior to blasting and coating, replacing the studs afterwards.

I guess I can grind the back of the stud until it will knock out, but that will still leave me with a hole that is slightly too large. The thread on the stud is fine by the way.

I'm guessing my choices are:

1. Find a replacement hub (although the rest of the hub looks fine and I don't think there are too many floating around).

2. Insert stud with oversize base (if that's a possibility).

3. Weld it up, bore it out and re-heat treat it.

4. Leave it alone and forget I ever thought it was an issue.


Please vote now!


'A pound of rubber is worth a Ton of engineering.'- Jim Endruweit quoting Colin Chapman.

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In a "money is unlimited" world, option 1 (and in fact try to obtain a brand new one)

In the real world, as my old dad said " if it ain't broke don't fix it!" So option 4. There will be plenty of other challenges which will take your enginuity and resources so save them for later

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I vote 4 as well ...sorry

The more the merrier :yes:

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I have exactly the same issue with one of my rear hubs. I couldn't find a new stud to replace it SJ don't seem to sell them?


So I've gone for option 4 on mine.



Lotus Esprit [meaning] a 1:1 scale Airfix kit with a propensity to catch fire

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