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Chassis jacking abuse

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Clearly there's been a bit of 'reckless use of a jack' under the front cross-member.

I'm not sure whether it's an 'ignore it' situation or whether I should do something about it.

I could grind the welds off the rearward edge and lift it back, straighten it and then weld it back.

Difficult to knock out the dents in situ.

I don't think the geometry has been affected. It just looks crap.

Isn't it amazing that a chassis survives all the elements for nearly 40 years, only to be damaged by a twat with a jack!

Anyone else had this?


On a side note, has anyone reinforced the chassis in any way?


Chassis is upside down in the pics (obviously).

Cheers, Tom.









'A pound of rubber is worth a Ton of engineering.'- Jim Endruweit quoting Colin Chapman.

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I suspect that most of us have similar chassis woes, I know I have!


I always use as big a piece of wood as possible when jacking the chassis but the previous owners didn't subscribe to this idea :(


I haven't done anything with mine.



Edited by Paul Coleman

Lotus Esprit [meaning] a 1:1 scale Airfix kit with a propensity to catch fire

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Thanks Gents,

I think it's too stiff to bend out. It's stretched and work hardened into a concave shape. So it's probably a(nother) leave it alone moment.

Although cutting out the section and replacing it wouldn't be very difficult. 

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'A pound of rubber is worth a Ton of engineering.'- Jim Endruweit quoting Colin Chapman.

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I once watched an expert panel beater doing something like this. He'd use a puller on the tabs and an oxy and damp rag to get everything virtually close to perfect. It was impressive.


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